The Chamber of the Transformation Industry of Nuevo León (CAINTRA) is an organization of representation, promotion and service. The place it occupies within the national private sector as a service and representation organization, consultative body and promoter of development, is due to the participation and commitment of its partners.

Our participation and institutional ties allow us to be an influential voice in defense of the industrial sector.

Work commissions

We form work groups, made up of our Partners, aimed at addressing the issues of interest and highest priority for companies in Mexico.


Representative seats

We actively participate in Councils and Committees of various public and private organizations at the municipal, state and federal level, with the objective of promoting short and long-term actions that optimize the timely implementation of business policies.



We carry out purposeful and forceful actions that present the vision of industrialists on the initiatives, laws, regulations and policies of the country, to promote the growth of the sector and the permanence of sources of employment before the Legislative Branch, both local and national.

Economic studies and analysis

We prepare economic studies and analyzes with our own information and from reliable sources to establish an overview of the current situation in Nuevo León and Mexico. With this information, which is also done particularly for certain industrial sectors, we create proposals and forecasts which we address directly with state and federal authorities in order to promote policies that promote the growth and competitiveness of companies.


We undertake firm actions in favor of the development and competitiveness of companies. We maintain close communication with authorities from the three levels of Government, Councils and Organizations to represent and defend the interests of the Nuevo León industry. In resolving controversies and problems, we present specific proposals duly supported, prepared by sector specialists and supported with the participation of Partners, through our working groups and business opinion polls.

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