Link SMEs with big companies; a priority

Link SMEs with big companies; a priority

noviembre 21, 2019

With the objective of connecting with big companies and promoting the development of micro, small and medium enterprises, CAINTRA held the Suppliers Day the past November 20th, an event that was attended by more than 100 people from different SMEs and large companies.

The suppliers day is a great opportunity for companies that seek to be inserted in the value chain of big companies, the event was presented by Álvaro Rodríguez from the ALED Consultant and Vanessa Espinoza of Metalsa Group, where they talked about the importance of supplier development in a changing market that demands greater flexibility and agility in processes; Vanessa also commented that this kind of spaces organized by CAINTRA helps to have a professionalization in the contact between companies, giving added value to large and small companies. For his part, Álvaro highlighted the importance of training and mentoring companies for their consolidation and c as suppliers.

In addition to the conferences, the event featured B2B spaces, speed networks, workshops and a space for coexistence to exchange experiences and learning.

Among the large companies that participated were Criotec, Fluidmaster, WKS, Reynera, SAE Towers, Viakable, Pastelería Lety, LAMOSA and the Municipality of Pesquería, who listened to the proposals of possible suppliers.

For CAINTRA, the development and professionalization of SMEs is crucial in the growth of the local and national economy, it will continue to create these spaces that help increase the competitiveness of companies.


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