CAINTRA externalizes its thanks to initiatives of Regulatory Improvement

CAINTRA externalizes its thanks to initiatives of Regulatory Improvement

mayo 24, 2019

In response to the initiatives of the municipal governments of Apodaca and Guadalupe in favor of simplifying procedures and implementing regulatory improvement policies in their respective municipalities, the Chamber of the Transformation Industry of Nuevo León expressed its gratitude and congratulated the officials before said resolution.


The Chamber attended the municipality of Apodaca’s signature of the letter of intent for the installation and the beginning of workshops for its proposal for regulatory improvement. While, the municipality of Guadalupe, has already been invited to participate with comments on the amendments to the Regulation.

We have worked very closely, collaborating with different state agencies, in order to achieve 100% implementation of the regulatory policy.

The simplification of procedures and deregulation are priority issues in the CAINTRA agenda, since this represents a significant advance in the following scenarios:

• Municipal competitiveness
• Ease of doing business
• Business growth

It should be noted that last year, Nuevo León obtained first place in the National Observatory for Regulatory Improvement (ONMR) evaluation, so actions of this type by the municipalities add for Nuevo León to maintain this position.

We will continue to carry out joint actions with the municipal governments in search of the following points:

• Reduce the administrative friction that companies have with the authorities.
• Facilitate the operation of our industrial partners.
• Offer security when accessing services or fulfill their obligations before the different government agencies.

As well as advance in policy implementation on the matter, at state and federal levels.

Prepared by CAINTRA, with information from the Chamber.

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