CAINTRA calls on the State Government to re-establish the urban transport service

CAINTRA calls on the State Government to re-establish the urban transport service

abril 30, 2019

Transport workers of Nuevo León carried out a stoppage in the service of the urban routes that affected hundreds of users who went to their work centers, having repercussions in the productivity of the companies, under the situation, CAINTRA, together with others private sector agencies, carried out a series of actions to demand the immediate restoration of the service and avoid similar situations in the future.

The strike began at 05:00 hours on Monday and caused the shortage of taxis, as well as the increase in the rates of them and of the rental units requested by platform. It is worth mentioning that the impact was greater, because the service was suspended when over one million students of basic education where returning to school from holidays.

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The state government assured that it did not know the decision of the transport workers to suspend the service of the urban routes, and it was the Secretary General of the Government, Manuel González who stated the following after what happened:

"I tell the public that we will not allow this, even as a measure of austerity, never again and it will not happen, drivers will be put to help citizens and we will not have problems."

On the other hand, José Alejandro González, spokesman for the transport workers of Nuevo León indicated that the objective of the event was that the drivers no longer lost money due to the increase in fuel, and because there were no income in the holidays, They were making adjustments.

A survey was carried out by the Chamber among its associates to know the impact of this unilateral measure. This survey showed that 38% of workers in the industry arrived two or three hours late at their work centers. The situation worsened for microenterprises, where the percentage of delays reached 60%.

The delay of the collaborators caused that the companies did not count with their entire workforce, they could not operate machinery, the products distribution was delayed, among other complications. It is estimated that this situation meant losses of at least 320 million pesos for the industry.

The businessmen of Nuevo León asked to take forceful measures to avoid situations like these from repeating, distributing them to the three sectors involved:

For the transporters

• Return of 100% of transshipment scheme.
• Return all canceled routes immediately.
• Migrate 100% to the use of the “Fair Card” in no more than six months to eliminate the use of cash.
• Among other things.

For the State Government

• Redesign urban transport routes aimed at improving the passenger-kilometer rate and service to drivers.
• Invest the necessary resources to the transporters.
• Among other things.

For the Congress

• Initiate discussions on a new Mobility Law that considers a new governance in urban transport management in a comprehensive manner based only on technical decisions.

Prepared by CAINTRA, with information from CAINTRA, Excelsior and Milenio:

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